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How To Clean & Maintain Your Shower Panels Properly

Cleaning Shower Panels
How To Clean & Maintain Your Shower Panels Properly

Are you looking to install shower panels? They offer a stylish alternative to the traditional option of tiles. Coming in a range of colours and patterns, they are becoming more and more popular. One of the many benefits of them is that they’re simple to maintain.

Washing them is an easy process in comparison to tiles. Unlike tiles, the panels have no grout, which means less hassle when it comes to cleaning. Luckily for this reason, mould finds it difficult to grip onto the surface. So, how to you clean them?

What You’ll Need

How Long Will Cleaning The Shower Panels Take?

Approximately 10 minutes

Cost Of Materials

About £5

How To Clean Your Shower Panels

1. Prepare The Surface

While the surface is dry, wipe off any dust that may have accumulated. This will make the process of cleaning much easier. It can be frustrating when dust gets dragged around a surface once wet, so ensure you get rid of this beforehand.

Wash Shower Panels With Soap

2. Start Washing

Using a non-abrasive cloth or sponge, dampen it with a mix of warm water and a mild cleaning solution. Stay clear of abrasive products like bleach as this could damage the finish. We recommend starting from the top and wiping in circular motions. This simple mixture will easily remove any dirt that has managed to grip onto the shower panels.

3. Rinse The Bubbles Away

Next, you can use the shower head to rinse away the soapy water. This will send all the disturbed scum and grime down the drain. If you see any missed spots, ensure you repeat the step number 2.

Rinse Bubbles Away
Dry The Shower Panels

4. Wipe Dry

If you want to go the extra mile and avoid streak marks, you can use a dry cloth. Drying the material will get rid of any water marks and leave them looking brand new.

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This alternative to tiles is easy to clean and simple to maintain. With the correct care, they will last a while. With these attractive benefits, why not check out our wide range of designs today. Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about the brands we sell.